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Nord Arin is a premium furniture manufacturer seamlessly blending minimalism, heritage and innovation into sustainable wooden pieces. From iconic dining tables to sculptural case goods, Nord Arin produces high-end furniture of timeless quality.

It all started 100 years ago, with a small woodshop, that grew and evolved into an innovative furniture manufacturing company named Nord Arin, designing and delivering exquisite creations for the most pretentious customers, from highly competitive international markets.

I grew up surrounded by wood, in a family that turned woodworking into the mission of their lives. My dream is to bring the authenticity of wood into people's homes around the world through inspirational design and timeless stories. Our homes are about emotions and this is exactly what I envision for the furniture produced in the Nord Arin factory: not only look flawless, but also create a unique feeling, age beautifully over decades and be produced with environmental consciousness.

Viorel Cretu,

Nord Arin is a distinguished furniture brand based in Romania, seamlessly blending minimalist design, heritage, and innovation. Drawing on a century of expertise in woodworking and furniture manufacturing, Nord Arin crafts exquisite wooden pieces while embracing sustainability and responsible resource management.

Nord Arin furniture sits at the intersection of tradition and innovation, boasting archetypal, robust forms that explore and accentuate wood's infinite potential through shape, proportions, and texture. Inspired by nature and fine arts, particularly by the modern masterpieces of Constantin Brâncuși, Nord Arin objects transcend their practical function and can act as functional artwork due to their unique craftsmanship, impeccable attention to detail, and environmentally friendly finishes. The brand thoughtfully combines wood with stone, brass, and other noble materials to create furniture pieces that transform contemporary spaces through high-end wood design.

At the brand’s factory, located in a picturesque landscape at the foot of the Carpathian Mountains, Nord Arin designs, produces, assembles, and finishes all pieces from scratch using state-of-the-art technology. With extensive experience in furniture production and design, the company specializes in living, dining, and bedroom furniture made from sustainably sourced Romanian hardwood and the most precious veneers.

From iconic dining tables and sculptural case goods to unforgettable console tables, bookcases, and beds, Nord Arin's top product performance guarantees that each piece can be cherished for decades to come. Tables represent the brand’s strategic product category, followed by storage and occasional furniture. After years spent perfecting their art of creating stunning wood dining tables, that age gracefully, Nord Arin builds every collection starting from the dining table, as a statement piece that allows endless design opportunities.

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