From an idea of Flou comes Natevo: design that illuminates.

Natevo was born in 2013: an idea born from the expertise and know-how of Flou, the leading company in proposing total living in the name of well-being, design and Made in Italy quality.

With the same spirit of innovation and renewal, Natevo is the first Italian company to design, manufacture and market furniture with integrated LED lighting capable of independently illuminating the environment without the need for other lighting fixtures.

Natevo - Staar

Staar lamp, designed by Stefano Bigi

Natevo - CCLight

CCLight bookcase, designed by Carlo Colombo

Natevo - Chiaro di Luna

Chiaro di Luna night-stand, designed by Ilenia Viscardi

Salone del mobile Salone del mobile

Natevo furniture and furnishing accessories offer design professionals a new way of conceiving light, not only as a functional element but as a source of harmony, warmth and emotion.

Natevo presents itself as an environmentally sustainable and highly ethical project, a mission of social commitment aimed at reducing energy and economic costs both in the construction of new buildings and in renovations.

Its products - mobile and at the same time lamps - make it possible to eliminate demolition work in rented houses, hotels, public places: all you have to do is place them where light is needed.