Miniforms immagine hero

Miniforms is a bizarre kind of.
She always wears colourful outfits with strange shapes that stand out her soft and clean face.

You can regularly see her talking with a lot of young talented designers.
Sometimes you can see her in a coffee shop dressed as a bourgeois and chatting with the Irony and with the Avant Garde. Sometimes with the Environmentalist sharing love for the environment and wood.

In the ’70, when they listened David Bowie music in disco, she was named differently. She was known as Industria Veneta Tavolinetti, Inveta for friends.
In the ’80, when the new wave music was cool, she was looking at Europe. She started to travel, but she was still discrete.

But now you can easily find her in Melbourne skyscrapers, in Madrid restaurant, in London design studio, talking fluently with a lively and fresh tone. As time goes by she looks always younger.