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Mara is an Italian company specialized in the production of innovative, functional and design furniture for office, contract and home.

“The essence of our Made in Italy concept: a timeless union between innovation and design”.
Mara - Argo Libro table / Icon armchair
Mara - Timmy Tilting table / Loto Recycled Chair
Mara - Follow Me table
Mara - Follow Meeting Large table / Icon armchair with synchro mechanism
Salone del mobile Salone del mobile
Tables, seating and complements that contribute to people's improved comfort and well-being all over the world.
Mara - Follow Meeting Cone table / Icon armchair / B302 Roll and Bookcase
Mara - Icon stool
Mara - Timmy Libro H1050 table / Loto stool / B302 Roll and Bookcase
Salone del mobile Salone del mobile