Lyxo applies the splendor of light and the essence of shapes to the functions of design: from indoor spaces to gardens, a collection of furnishing objects that embellish your business with plastic beauty.

Imagine a world without beauty. Impossible. That’s what we think in Lyxo too, where we add beauty to every inch of space. It is not just a promise: it is an irrepressible urge that makes us look beyond. Beyond a furnishing, an example of style. Beyond a working method, an efficiency model. Beyond a completed project, a satisfied customer. In Italy and abroad, at Lyxo you will find more than a design excellence: in the garden, in indoor spaces, in your place of business, welcome a spot of plastic beauty.

Salone del mobile Salone del mobile


We export to more than 40 countries, but our roots are in Italy.

Lyxo is part of Veca, an international Made in Italy brand that for almost 40 years has been transforming an amalgam of plastic materials, curiosity and courage into products with a functional design. Five brands dedicated to the home and furnishings, 6 factories on a surface area of ​​30 thousand square metres; 45 production plants that innovate with rotational and injection techniques; 26 million pieces made every year. All LYXO complements and accessories are designed and manufactured entirely in the province of Vicenza and Venice, the beating heart of the Italian north-east. This is where our values ​​are born: a concrete heritage of quality and research.


Design is our passion, technology our know-how. 

The profound knowledge of the raw material, production processes and technological solutions gives life to the unmistakable and decorative shapes of Lyxo objects. The dynamic style, attention to detail and study of proportions give personality to every environment. From mass production to the production of value: every object, every accessory, every complement is the result of the fusion of engineering excellence and artisanal experience, human capital and technology at the service of creativity.

Salone del mobile Salone del mobile

A New Era is Coming

LYXO's 2024 is marked by the complete rebranding of the LCM Marin Design Studio brand, a "Global" project, including the restyling of the logo, the publication of the catalogue, new colors and seven new products. 

Marco Marin: “For Lyxo we worked not only on the definition of new products but we went further with a targeted study on color which, for a production like theirs, is a focal aspect. In April 2024, a wide spectrum of finishes will be presented, as many as seventeen. Furthermore, we worked on product naming: all the names of the 2024 new products will be made up of just 4 letters which, combined together, generate a musicality of sounds that instantly refers to the object itself. A quirk that led us to a further research and analysis effort.