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iSiMAR is a European company which designs, manufactures and worldwide distributes Mediterranean wire metal furniture for outdoor&contract use. Our pieces are manufactured with noble, durable and high quality materials, 100% recycled&recyclable. 

iSiMAR is a European company, which designs, manufactures and worldwide distributes Mediterranean wire metal furniture for in&outdoor and contract use. 
At iSiMAR we are proud and passionate of our industrial origins and our Mediterranean roots. We have been working with the same pure, natural, and environmentally friendly materials with care and knowledge for the last 55 years; mainly with galvanized rod, but also aluminum and galvanized steel in sheet and tube.  
Our product has always been exposed to humid and highly corrosive environments, working in industries such as poultry equipment or industrial refrigerators. Therefore we have acquired during decades the experience and knowledge necessary to live in outdoor environments. That is why our products are suitable for professional use: stackable, for easy stock and transport, and with maximum durability. 
Our designs are inspired by Mediterranean culture: a life style based on joy, naturalness and pleasure of living unique moments in Good company. Together with professional designers, we create unique pieces that can adapt to any project. We manufacture from start to finish. For this reason, we can offer many custom options in our products and finishes. 
Sustainability is also fundamental in our business strategy. For that reason, our products are 100% recycled and recyclable, designed to be long-lasting and manufactured from renewable energy, trying to reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible. 
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iSiMAR, Be Mediterranean

Bolonia collection
iSiMAR Bolonia lounge armchair & Paradiso low table
Mitjorn armchair designed by Ramón Esteve
Lagarto modular sofa & stool. Bolonia side tables.
Paradiso poltrona, chair & sofa
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