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Vyko by Intra lighting

Professional and sustainable lighting solutions for living spaces.

The key advantage of Intra lighting products is a timeless design. The luminaires created are, due to their neutral, yet smart shape, easily integrated into the modern current of architecture and design nowadays and in the future.

Intra lighting works closely with architects, lighting designers, engineers, and interior designers around the globe to co-create ambitious engaging lighting solutions and the most vibrant spaces.

Over the years Intra lighting has been creating customized projects for offices, hospital retail, museums, health & care facilities, and industry halls.

Janez Mesarič, Lorenzo Truant, Mark Elliot, Serge & Robert Cornelissen, Lars Bylund & Mats Thorén are just some of the great designers Intra lighting has worked with.

Vyko by Intra lighting

Vyko | Ec(h)o friendly | Design Serge & Robert Cornelissen, 2023

Black Hole by Intra lighting

Black Hole | Extreme phenomenon | Design by Lorenzo Truant, 2021

Lysabel by Intra lighting

Lysabel | A saber of light | Design by Lorenzo Truant, 2023

Eye by Intra lighting

Eye | Good looking all around | Design by Serge Cornelissen, 2023

Gramm by Intra lighting

Gramm | The lightest light | Design by Serge Cornelissen, 2023

Liy by Intra lighting

Liy | Maximally minimal | Design by Serge Cornelissen, 2023

Salone del mobile Salone del mobile
"Light where it is needed, when it is needed and as much as needed."
- Marino Furlan, president Intra lighting Group

The slogan communicates environmental friendliness, as it warns about energy wastefulness and prevents over-illumination. Everything works responsively in a way of lessening the negative effects on the environment; from the choice of the materials and packaging, the way of production, economic energy use of both products as well as of the energy consumption itself, to the health of the employees, transport, to the new investments.

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