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Passion, technical innovation, care of the details and support of customers are the main values driving the activity of Carlo Biagi, CEO of IBIAGI Company in Italy, in Florence area.

The Company is a manufacturing handcrafted luxury furnishing and home decorations since 1954.
After 65 years of activity the company is now driven by the third generation of the family.

Mr. Carlo and his son Edoardo personally work with the the designers to come up with new ideas and original products to offer the market continuously innovative, elegant, different and special design


Fusione del bronzo


Cristallo fatto a mano


Creazione dei modelli

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IBIAGI Collections are appreciated all around the world for the exclusivity of the design, the care in the finishings and details, the quality and robustness of the elements and also the customization of the design in order to develop ideas of the customers and fully match their tastes and environments.

IBIAGI Company does not only manufactures decorative items, but a full idea of Italian bespoke design lifestyle including also furnitures, vases, lighting, and tableware fully designed and handmade in Italy.
All the products are hand-made in Italy with the best materials

In the years the Company kept developing its manufacturing skills updating its productive site with the most modern and updated technologies, joining them to the finest handcraft skills

Purchasing the artwork of IBIAGI Company you can get the authentic Italian atmosphere in your home and the personal touch the craftmanship secretely passed from generation to generation of the best artist in the world since the Renaissance.

Our collections are dedicated and perfectly fit the needs of those loving glamour classic or modern style, in fact they are present in the resindences of the best V.I.P. all around the world.