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Haier is the appliance brand dedicated to consumers who want premium experiences. Advanced technology, superior design, and tailor-made experiences are the three souls of Haier.

Haier offers a wide range of connected products and solutions in the sectors of washing, cooling, cooking, and conditioning appliances. The Haier brand is part of the Haier Smart Home Group and ranks number one in the global home major appliances.

The ID SERIES lineup includes classic ovens, built-in combi microwaves - and connected induction cooktops, characterized by a sophisticated minimal design and exclusive Bionicook™ technologies: innovations that translate the most advanced techniques of Bionic Intelligence into unique functions, tailored to each consumer's needs, transforming these products into extraordinary solutions.

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The layout of the exhibition space pays special attention to the strength of Haier’s built-in offer across all categories, in addition to strategic free-standing products, encapsulating the brand’s DNA. The most inspiring section of all is dedicated to the new Haier ID Series, which symbolises the brand’s innovative approach and constant dedication to researching, designing and defining solutions that learn from and anticipate consumers’ desires.

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All ID SERIES induction cooktops are connected to the hOn app, which, in addition to providing valuable suggestions, activates a true connected ecosystem with other household appliances.