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It all started in Valle Sabbia. In 1995, the Levrangi family recognised that aluminium was the perfect material for a new generation of furnishings, one where practicality and resistance meet comfort and beauty.

We started off as outdoor furniture manufacturers for both residential and contract spaces. The outdoors are in our DNA and our spaces include gardens, seafront patios, big parks, squares, local streets and terraces in megacities with skyscrapers.

The natural surroundings of Vestone accompany us in our life and in our work: they are a part of our daily life and the natural setting for Fast furnishing solutions. Vestone is also what inspires our meticulous high-quality work and respect for materials.

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We possess creativity and have a certain sensitivity towards beautiful things – that, as Italians, is inherent to us. But it’s not enough: what we add is specific “know-how”, one that has matured over the centuries in the Valle Sabbia, a land where metal craftsmanship has very ancient roots. We produce on site or collaborate with local partners: this allows us to be flexible, elastic and quick.

Our design features clean and elegant lines, this is why it is timeless. We are grateful to our past, but we are focused on our future. To our mind, a product needs to last and its durability needs to be reflected not only in the materials, but also in the style.

For us, comfort is a broad concept. It means the functionality of handy, multi-functional, stackable, modular products. But it’s also about pleasing aesthetics, when an object is positioned in a place that really sets it off and inspires: beauty also has a role to play, and its own ethics.