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Elesi Luce - sospensione Alba e applique

Elesi Luce: design and manufactoring Made in Italy

Elesi Luce lamps are characterized by careful and sustainable design. The company has developed innovative solutions that ensure the quick and easy replacebility of drivers and LEDs. 


In the order:

Alba, included in the ADI Design Index 2022 catalog,


Iconic, winner of the Venetian Smart Lighting Award 2022,

Imperfetto, LikeQ and Narciso.

Elesi Luce - Lampada Imperfetto

Imperfetto is the result on the research on both symmetrical and asymmetrical inclinations that look for and achieve the perfect balance in the movement. A match of various solids creating their owns harmony of shapes. Imperfect is different from each perspective, it unveils a new own detail from each possible viewpoint. Find out in the video.

Elesi Luce - LikeQ applique

The different color combinations, the shape and the light atmosphere that change with a simple touch of the hand give the LikeQ walllamp great scope for adapring to different spaces. The glass surface that works as diffuser creates a soft and suffused ambiance.

Elesi Luce - Iconic sospensione

With its modular elements that aloow customized solutions, Iconic reflects your style.

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