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CISAL represents an important chapter in the history of Italian brassware. A long tradition of ingenuity, expertise and professionalism, applied and enhanced through respect and consideration for the people and the territory

Established in 1952, Cisal is the outstanding example of an independent and fully integrated Italian manufacturer, performing the complete production cycle, characterised by innovative technology and management solutions - often adopted with a pioneering spirit and ahead of its time.

All crucial stages of product conception, development and manufacturing are performed within our facilities in Alzo di Pella, framed by the stunning Lake Orta. Particular importance has always been given to the creative and exciting stages of product conception and design, originating from entrepreneurial spirit but which are professionally organized with perseverance and seriousness by the main criteria of reliability, quality, design and customer care. In this framework, all manufacturing operations are conceived and performed with the utmost respect for the environment and man’s many needs.

Along with the evolution of customer taste and the many aesthetic and formal requirements, Cisal has developed its collections featuring rigorous and authentic design, carefully matching them to the different design categories.

The products that have been created, some of which represent significant milestones in the evolution of the industry, have always been marked by uncompromised quality and design, often achieved through brilliant innovative solutions in conception and manufacturing.

In 2009 the Huber family, owner of Huber, a leading manufacturer of thermostatic mixers, decided to make a strategic choice for the future, by acquiring Cisal and providing the company with an absolutely successful technological and industrial development format: to combine know-how, experience and production capacities in order to offer designers and customers a wide and complete range of single lever and traditional thermostatic mixing products.

Cisal is now one of the leading innovators in the industry and is very sensitive to the efficient use of resources, water and energy, and constantly focuses on the continuous development of innovative solutions in design, materials, function and performance. Collaboration with designers such as Karim Rashid, Giampiero Peia, Raffaella Vecchi, Nevio Tellatin and Marco Poletti, have led to the creation of a series of products over the years that masterfully combine aesthetics, functionality and reliability.

VITA by Karim Rashid


“La mia prima collezione per Cisal, Kawa era forte e geometrica.

Per la collezione VITA ho voluto creare forme più morbide, intuitive e organiche. La silhouette di un ramo o di un bamboo,  è una forma contemporanea e al tempo stesso naturale, e sembra nascere dal lavabo. Il collo affusolato comunica sensorialità al tatto ed esprime una forte sensazione di comfort e piacere.”

Per anni, sono stato orgoglioso del mio lavoro con CISAL. Mi capita spesso di citare KAWA come una delle mie collezioni realizzate  preferite. Ora la collezione VITA prende quel posto e sta vincendo diversi premi a dimostrazione del valore del design.  Dobbiamo continuare a promuovere il design come il motore del cambiamento. VITA migliora la funzionalità pura, offrendo una un'esperienza sensoriale , intuitiva e riducendo gli ingombri. E’ un onore vincere il Best Of Year Award, ma il riconoscimento continuo sarà vedere i miei oggetti nelle case della gente.

VITA wash basin by Karim Rashid
VITA thermostatic mixer by Karim Rashid
VITA wash basin by Karim Rashid in Matt Black
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