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Calligaris is a lifestyle brand offering contemporary design solutions made for real life.

At Calligaris, we believe that furniture should be as functional as it is elegant. 
We believe that innovative design should be engineered to offer real-life solutions and essential comfort. And even after 100 years of experience in the industry, we continue to experiment with materials and finishes. 

After all, our ability to embrace change is perhaps the most enduring characteristic of the Calligaris brand.

We believe in quality and in sustainability. In fact, we choose top-range and sustainable materials, we research new formulations to offer the finest performances and durability, we submit our products to rigorous test sequences for obtaining the necessary certifications in accordance with the highest standards. Above all, we love close and long-term relationships growing day by day, which is why you’ll find our stores all over the world.

Tavolo Abrey e sedia Abrey
Divano Rod
Tavolo Cameo e Sedie Carmen
Divano Metro e Poltrona Comfy
Tavolo Silhouette e sedia Sneak
Divano Lounge Y
Letto Le Marais
Tavolo Spiga e sedia Oleandro
Tavolo Nordic e sedia Lina
Divano letto Darwin e Poltrona Polse
Madame e sedia Holly
Salone del mobile Salone del mobile

We present the new 2021 collection, celebrating the company's DNA and continuing its ambitious project to offer you an increasingly complete total look.
A collection that echoes the company's history and its material par excellence: wood. 

Four new stories, four different styles of living inspired by the products in the new collection. Imagined to be functional and eclectic, but also versatile and expressive, our products nurture the natural inclination of all of us to furnish the spaces we live in with objects that correspond to us. So whatever our style - essential and modern, eclectic and colourful, refined and rigorous or poetic and feminine - Calligaris is the ideal ally for creating the home of your dreams, reflecting your style from the dining room to the bedroom.

Inspired by innovation, we are passionate about problem-solving and sustainable design. 

The Greenbow - our sustainable agenda program aims to structure and organize corporate activities dedicated to this theme by acting on 2 fronts: on the Product, creating green furnishings, composed of natural and recycled materials and thinking about circularity, and on the Company system, for a sustainable approach to product development, production and distribution.
With Greenbow, We want to give substance to sustainability initiatives:

"We do not immediately promise you 100% green in everything, but certainly 100% commitment and transparency to make our contribution to a sustainable future".