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MBM Biliardi produttori di Design e Luxury 

MBM Biliardi - for 50 years in the most luxurious homes in the world.

Many important architects and designers in the world have designed our lines, created with an exclusive technique by MBM Biliardi. Our strength lies in the choice of seasoned and precious woods, naturally dried, selected by high-level cabinet-making masters and processed with high-level numerical control machines, so much so that our American competition, 25 years ago, already defined us as the company with the most advanced technology in the world. Because the union between international design and the high-cabinetry Made in Italy create a jewel.

Fabbrica MBM Biliardi
Fabbrica MBM Biliardi
Fabbrica MBM Biliardi
Fabbrica MBM Biliardi
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Biliardo Stealth

Stealth is a billiard with a design inspired by the world of aeronautics and contemporary automotive.

Biliardo Lux Dei

Lux Dei is an evocative name that draws its roots from a philosophical thought. With two different pyramids, one of which is upside down, whose unfathomable bottom is none other than the top.

Biliardo B_ig

Precious and innovative is the Luxury Billiards designed by Massimo Iosa Ghini for MBM Biliardi.

Biliardo Tokyo Crystal

Tokyo Crystal is a sophisticated, simple and refined design that meets the excellent high-performance frame, which for years has made it the best-selling of the line.

Biliardo M21

Billiards of excellence, in the maximum expression of the MBM collection, characterized by its style and its ancient forms

Biliardo Geometrix

Billiards are an impressive work of art, pure balance between form and content.

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Biliardo Ziggurat


The Ziggurat billiard was designed by the MBM design department, it takes the shape of the ancient step pyramids.

Biliardo Graal

The "Grail" billiard was born from a profound spiritual inspiration. It is the symbolic expression that characterizes a chalice.

Biliardo Quantum

Quantum billiard, a billiard that hides an innovative and functional technology behind a minimal and sinuous design.

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Biliardo Parigi

The Paris billiard is considered the most refined model of the City Line, designed for those who love the refined taste and the refined elegance of a city that makes you dream.

Biliardo Capri

The Capri Billiard table is born from the experience gained over the years by MBM Biliardi which has allowed the transfer of the technology of the traditional Billiards to a new type of structure with elements in anodized aluminum.

Biliardo Revolution

After a long research and experimental phase, MBM Biliardi conceives, designs and manufactures the first Billiards "For All" The Revolution, is the first billiard table suitable for everyone.

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Calciobalilla Billboat


The Bill Boat is an absolute novelty in the nautical panorama thanks to a futuristic design that makes it an exclusive furnishing accessory for yachts

Calciobalilla Class

Class football table Looking at it one has the thought of an ancient instrument that evokes splendid symphonies.

Calciobalilla Diamond

Everyone is in love with this ancient game. the playing field in fine lacquered crystal is painted one by one by different artists.

Calciobalilla Olimpico

The "Olympic" football table, with soft and modern lines that recall a minimalist style for any environment.

Calciobalilla Geometrix

The Geometrix football table is a concentrate of essential design and high technology.

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