Beneito Faure

Beneito Faure

Beneito & Faure designs lighting solutions with LED technology. Is a lighting company with a long history in its sector and pioneer in the innovation, as much in technology as in design, of bulbs, led lights and lamps of all type.



Intelligent lighting is the protagonist in the new collections presented by Beneito Faure for 2021


Beneito Faure has would like to share its knowledge in LED lighting and it has been working for years in this field with a wide range of products for outdoor lighting.

L’illuminazione intelligente è la protagonista delle nuove collezioni presentate da Beneito Faure per il 2021.

New exclusive designs and new references of evolved products in search of excellence in quality.

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Beneito & Faure Lighting has an extensive range of LED lamps and LED spotlights. Its catalog is constantly renewed with releases and innovations. The products of Beneito & Faure and its LED lamps are present in emblematic buildings and installations around the world, especially in those who want to have LED lamps and lighting solutions of high quality, durability, technology and design.