Bel Mondo by Bellotti Ezio

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Belmondo by Bellotti Ezio

Luxury Italian Contemporary Furniture

Atmospheres and art in luxury Italian contemporary furniture

With its new Bel Mondo collections, inspired by the contemporary style, Bellotti Ezio Arredamenti creates living spaces and atmospheres inspired by the idea of luxury as something for everyday life, represented by simple, clean-lined furniture reproposing the styles of the past with a contemporary twist.

All our luxury Italian contemporary furniture originates from design and are therefore the result of a reflection becoming an idea made real through our craftsmen’s expertise and know-how.

Here the hand-crafted tradition meets the design, giving life to luxury Italian contemporary furniture: elegant shapes enhancing the living spaces and unique pieces representing the style and tastes of the people who choose them.

Belmondo by Bellotti Ezio contemporary bedroom
Belmondo by Bellotti Ezio living
Belmondo by Bellotti Ezio kitchen
Belmondo by Bellotti Ezio office
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Bellotti - Azienda
Bellotti - Azienda
Bellotti - Azienda
Bellotti - Azienda
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