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Barovier&Toso is the most ancient glass company in the world, established in 1295 in the island of Murano (Venice, Italy) where it is still based, devoted to maintaining and innovate the blown glass tradition.

Time is a strange process. Inexorable, elusive, yet so present. In seven centuries of history, we have seen fashions come and go. Some were minimal, others more baroque, but every one of them chased time in a desperate search for the “new.” Time in Venice, instead, goes by slowly. There is no rush, no craze, just a great deal of space and time to develop your craft. So we took our time and in that time we have learned that we would rather do something unique and enlightening that lasts forever instead of something new that only fascinates you for one season. It takes strength to bring glass out from the fire and heat. It takes patience to strive for nothing less than the perfect shape. And it takes heart, a lot of it, to grow a legendary luxury lighting tradition into the new world, working with innovators and traditionalists alike.

The creations of Barovier&Toso are one-of-a-kind works in Venetian mouth blown crystal and handcrafted by master artisans in Murano, custodians of an age-old tradition passed down across the generations.

Angelo Barovier invented a revolutionary formula that made it possible to obtain an unprecedented material with extraordinary characteristics of extreme transparency and brightness. 455, Angelo Barovier was granted the exclusive right to produce “Cristallo Veneziano” (Venetian Crystal). The factor that makes this formula unique, still used today through progressive refinements, is the total absence of lead and arsenic. This is what makes our Venetian Crystal different from any other crystal on the market, enabling the master artisans to carry out the entire production process in complete safety, achieving exceptional results. The Venetian Crystal is a unique, sustainable and safe material, ideal to give form to works of great artistic value: the creations of Barovier&Toso.

Barovier&Toso Headquarter - Rio dei Vetrai - Murano

Barovier&Toso Headquarter - Rio dei Vetrai - Murano

Lavorazione del Cristallo Veneziano in fornace

Processing of Venetian Crystal in the furnace

Dettaglio della lavorazione del rostrato in fornace

Detail of the processing of the "Rostrato" technique in the furnace

The melting process

The melting process

Sospensioni Crown

Crown Suspensions

Lampadario Amsterdam

Amsterdam Chandelier

Lampadario 4607 bespoke

4607 bespoke chandelier

Lampadario Venezia 1295 e lampada da tavolo Veronese

Venezia 1295 chandelier and Veronese table lamp

Salone del mobile Salone del mobile

Barovier&Toso creates lighting products and decorative objects in blown glass. Real works of art, unique masterpieces for the quality of their manufacturing, technology, tradition and creativity. The company mission is to offer decorative elements that give emotions, transit positive feeling and create very special atmospheres. Barovier&Toso is a top producer, as for range extensions, quality, innovation and customer support in designing customized lighting fixtures and installations. 

Palazzo Barovier&Toso | Fondamenta Manin 1/D Murano

Palazzo Barovier&Toso | Fondamenta Manin 1/D Murano (Venice, Italy)

Palazzo Barovier&Toso | Hanami sospensione bespoke

Palazzo Barovier&Toso | Hanami bespoke suspension

Palazzo Barovier&Toso | SBlu Exagon sospensione bespoke

Palazzo Barovier&Toso | Blue Room Exagon bespoke suspension

Palazzo Barovier&Toso | Sala dell'Acqua

Palazzo Barovier&Toso | The Water Room

Showroom Barovier&Toso via Durini 5 Milano

Showroom Barovier&Toso via Durini 5 Milan, Italy

Showroom Barovier&Toso | Sospensioni Vallonné

Showroom Barovier&Toso | Vallonné suspensions

Showroom Barovier&Toso | Sospensioni Fanali Veneziani, Lampade da parete Metropolis e Lampada da tavolo Camparino

Showroom Barovier&Toso | Fanali Veneziani suspensions, Metropolis wall sconces and Camparino table lamp

Showroom Barovier&Toso via Durini 5 Milano

Showroom Barovier&Toso via Durini 5 Milan, Italy

Showroom Barovier&Toso primo piano | Lampadario, lampada da tavolo e terra Amsterdam, lampada da tavolo Camparino, lampade da parete Palmette

Showroom Barovier&Toso first floor | Amsterdam chandelier, table and floor lamp, Camparino table lamp, Palmette wall sconces

Showroom Barovier&Toso primo piano | Lampadario 4607

Showroom Barovier&Toso first floor | 4607 chandelier

Showroom Barovier&Toso primo piano | Lampadario Saint Germain, sospensioni Robin, lampada da tavolo Saint Germain e lampada da tavolo Grace

Showroom Barovier&Toso primo piano | Saint Germain chandelier, Robin suspensions, Saint Germain table lamp and Grace table lamp

Showroom Barovier&Toso primo piano | Lampadario Pigalle, lampadario Bissa Boba, lampade da parete New Felci

Showroom Barovier&Toso first floor | Pigalle chandelier, Bissa Boba chandelier, New Felci wall sconces

Showroom Barovier&Toso primo piano | Corridoio Trim bespoke

Showroom Barovier&Toso first floor | Trim bespoke hallway

Salone del mobile Salone del mobile

Barovier&Toso monobrands are a major investment for the company, with a significant return in terms of image, as well as commercial impact. Research, experimentation, collaborations with internationally acclaimed designers… the success of Barovier&Toso is based on all these factors. But one of the strong points that has accelerated growth has been precisely this strategy orientated towards the creation of a single-brand network at the highest levels. This makes it possible to narrate the brand, its products, its vision in an authentic, dynamic way, without mediation and through continuing initiatives and efforts. It also means offering architects and interior designers qualified suppor t and direct services of co-design.

Barovier&Toso - 1295