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Opale collection

Bamax, founded about 60 years ago in this area, keeps on proposing furniture which looks for its own roots, thus taking advantage of cabinet-makers and lacquering masters, heirs of an ancient and learned tradition.


Opale’s own identity. As for a tree wrapped up in its own bark, accurately created slats, unperceptibly linked to each other, embrace the structure and form a single fascinating surface.


The essential sign of Slash, with its sharp and energical cut, creates surfaces, characterized by a sober though refined elegance.


Aesthetically characterized by 3-d surfaces with a distinctive four-faceted silhouette, inspired by the precious stones. Diamante has been realized by Bamax in order both to last and to evoke emotions as time goes on.


Poesia is a collection rich with the suggestions of a craftsman who’s been sawing, smoothing and polishing the wood, as well as of a designer who’s been moulding not only lines and forms, but even thoughts.

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