Art in Rolls


Art in Rolls - Be spoke handpainted wallcoverings

Art is our passion.

Art in Rolls is more than a wallcoverings Collection. It’s about real artworks in which contemporary design is combined with high craftsmanship.

Each one signed by the artist and certified by TrackIT blockchain, the value chain for Made in Italy traceability.

The digital certificate also contains information and curiosities on the creation and completion of the artwork to establish a link between the artist and any user.

Unique creations entirely customized with elements of paint and matter to highlight some details of the drawing.

From material decorations such as pastes, fabrics and gold leaves to the applications of 3D elements in porcelain, Murano glass, leather and metal, easily applied by magnets.

We care about the planet we live in.

Our wallcoverings are made to last, using ethically sourced materials.

The support is made of pure cellulose fiber, FSC certified. It’s PVC FREE and has the European certification of fire resistance EN13501 (C-s1,d0).

It’s handmade with water based primers and it’s handpainted with natural pigments and water based colours.

We ship big panels made on rolls all over the world with a low transport impact.

It’s like a tailor-made suit.

 You can fully customize your wallcoverings choosing your favorite compositions and combinations on-trend residential and contract settings.

Art in rolls wallcoverings Collection is based on a work of research and precision, tradition and innovation.

We interpret client’s taste and wishes to develop each project like a tailor-made suit. After receiving informations on style, mood, finishes and ideas, we begin to create the design through several drafts.

When we reach those closest to the request, we send them to the customer for choice: because no image or video can reproduce some effects such as the mother-of-pearl background and the warm trails of the brush.

After the selection, we develop the project of the entire area before starting the works. At that moment we suggest how to highlight some details with 3D elements, embroidery, gold and silver leaf.

During the works we send videos and photos to check if the artist’s mood is in line with the expected one. That’s how the dream of a bespoke handpainted wallcovering starts.

It’s easy to ship and install.

Our wallcoverings are properly done on easy rolls, easy to ship and install. We ship them worldwide. You will get instructions on how to install your wallcoverings and we are always at your disposal with our remote assistance service.