Aromas del Campo

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In Aromas del Campo we began our journey as a company in 1986, in Valencia.

At that time our specialty was the manufacturing of potpourris of dried flowers and aromatic products. A few years later we started to make small glass table lamps filled with dried flowers. Since then, and once consolidated in the lighting sector, we moved our activity to the town of Bétera (Valencia), where we centralized production and international distribution of our lighting products.
We bet on technological design, functional and affordable lamps, with pure and simple lines but without neglecting the forms of Aromas. In this collection, we focus on traditionally relegated materials to the construction finishes and decorative complements, such as marble, wood, or ceramic. However, our main materials continue to be metal and glass, combined in a diversion of solidity and lightness that results in elegant and timeless pieces.
This year we wanted to offer a more human, closer, and more intimate vision, Behaviors Around Light, is a concept that recreates the sensations and behaviors around our lamps. The environments, the light, the atmosphere, and the people.