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Arketipo was founded by a group of some Tuscan entrepreneurs in 1982 and since then proposes and creates upholstery of refined design. Its products combine top quality with attention to detail and a vibrant and contemporary image.

There is something unique in our DNA. An obsession with a culture that stands for quality and puts experience before objects, design before furniture. 

It is our perfection compulsive disorder.

This may sound like a banal metaphor, or hyperbole to define a state of mind. In reality, rhetorical figures have nothing to do with it. We are deeply convinced that perfection is "a path, not a destination". 

A path that we trace day after day not only by creating quality products, but also by trying to understand the past and look clearly into the future.

Every object, every design, every stage of our production is the result of a constant search for perfection.

 We take nothing for granted.

Every Arketipo product is a journey. A plunge into history and culture, an open view of the future that does not shy away from challenges, but faces them with the courage to do things in a different, better way!

"I think we have created something special.
We have spent years and countless hours creating the company that is, Arketipo.
We have Perfection Compulsive Disorder; a culture that is reflected in our nature, our passion, our identity. It has helped us to create a sophisticated, high quality and beautifully crafted collection of home furnishings, all proudly made in Italy."

Lorenzo Cattelan CEO