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Almar Shower Systems

Italian Design. Ethics. Innovation.

ALMAR’s shower systems refashion the concept of wellness, through the inborn elegance of made in Italy and a new ethical sensitivity in living.

Thanks to a philosophy bound to tradition, supported by an innovative and functional vision, ALMAR realizes all product components in its factory: the whole production cycle, from design to production and logistic, is managed by a careful and skilled inner staff, proud to provide only a perfect result.

The bathroom – the most intimate and personal environment of our homes – reveals our way of being and living spaces. 

In a modern house, the bathroom abandons its role of merely functional space and converts into a refined and pleasant environment, where you can take your time and take care of our body. 

Sistema Doccia PVD Lucido Gold

The elegance of a shower system in Polished PVD Gold. The bodyjets with nebulized jet Mist allow and envolving and relaxing effect.

Sistema doccia PVD Lucido Deep Black

An elegant multifunction shower system composed by an hand shower and a built-in shower head with 2 different jets. With Temptation dual Flow an envolging rain is combined with the intense weel-being sensation of the waterfall.

Sistema Doccia Temptation Wire

Rich water cylinders create a wide diagonal waterfall and distribuite uniformly on the body, without losing their consistency during the fall. For a new and exclusive experience with water.

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