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Discover your genius. Art direction, showroom design, product design, graphics and communication, web design, social marketing, objects, wallpapers and furniture.

Adriani e Rossi was born in 1990 and starts to design and produce objects, at first for the merchandising in the furniture sector, then we developed in a distribution Company for Italy and abroad. We are the only Company in the world that produces “Total Look” item, that is all materials, glass, ceramic, wood, carpets, lights, frames, wallpaper, metal, all with the same style, all strictly “Made in Italy or Europe”. The real and identified brand of the Company is the picture of these two little dogs. In 2011 we have awarded the honor mention Compasso d’Oro, the most important design prize in the world. The Company was established near Venice, today it is located in 3 sites in Thiene, Vicenza. But, why Adriani e Rossi Edizioni? Editors because we edit ideas, our headline has always been “fresh ideas and long-life products” in fact our first structure was an old dairy of the 60’s years. Dal 2010 Adriani e Rossi inizia a partecipare al Salone Internazionale del Mobile Milano.