Vlatka Zanoletti



After graduating in Economics from the University of Zagreb she decided to follow her heart, and love took her to Italy. Following her early work experiences in the services and commercial sector, which introduced her to the world of work, she joined Cosmit (Comitato Organizzatore Salone del Mobile Italiano – the organising committee for Italy’s Salone del Mobile) in 2002. She later joined the Salone del Mobile.Milano international press office secretariat, where she started dealing with logistics, office management and relations with suppliers as part of the communication service for collateral events, exhibitions, installations and special events promoted by the Salone del Mobile in Italy and abroad. She recently became involved with the Salone del Mobile editorial publishing platform, looking after the Magazines from the World column. Aside from her professional life, her private life gives her a great deal of satisfaction as the mother of three boys and as a collaborator with cultural and voluntary associations in the municipality in which she lives. She is grateful to the city of Milan and to her Milanese friends for making her so welcome and for their human and professional generosity.

Articles by Vlatka Zanoletti