Paola Carimati


paola carimati, salonemilano

Architect’s education, journalist’s profession, she has intertwined research with design and actuality since her graduation at the Polytechnic of Milan. Writing is a practice developed and trained in the making: at the Triennale, for the exhibitions 'The glasses taken seriously' and 'The dress taken off the body'; at the university, with the publication of the book ‘Leggere le Tendenze' (F. Lupetti Editore, 2007), deep the editorial staff of Elle Decor Italia and today for important Italian magazine such as Mondadori, Rcs and Editoriale Domus groups. Post-pandemic the essay '‘Esercizi di parasiting: sei scenari per un’idea di abitare universale', included in 'Verso nuovi paesaggi domestici. L’abitare ai tempi del Coronavirus' (Sagep, 2022). Which opens the second phase of her professional life.