Luca Umberto Dondoni


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Luca Umberto Dondoni is a journalist, writer, radio and television host and speaker. He has worked with a number of radio stations since 1976, both as a creator and host of programmes and as a correspondent for leading music events  both in Italy and abroad. Over the course of his career, he has interviewed the leading global protagonists on the international music scene. Luca Umberto Dondoni has also collaborated with a number of Italian and foreign music and lifestyle publications, and with the newspaper La Stampa. He also took part In the first musical newscast project, entitled Rock Report, on Videomusic from 1987 to 1988 and Rete 4 until 1990, and continued his television career with the channels Telelombardia 7, Telepiù, Mediolanum Channel, Mediaset, E! Entertainment Television (SKY) and Rai3. He published his first book, Musictherapy, with Piemme/Mondadori in 2018. He is currently collaborating on the production of content for internet sites, leads or takes part in business conventions, works as an art director, and undertakes consultancies of various kinds in the fashion and corporate field. He has taught a postgraduate Masters in Musical Communication at the LUISS University in Rome since 2011.

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