Chiara Alessi



Chiara Alessi (1981) is engaged with material culture and design, on which she writes, teaches and, when she can, curates exhibitions. She has been publishing the following essays: Dopo gli anni Zero. Il Nuovo Design Italiano (Laterza, 2014), Design Senza Designer (Laterza, 2016), Le Caffettiere dei Miei Bisnonni (Utet, 2018) and Tante Care Cose. Gli Oggetti che ci Hanno Cambiato la Vita (Longanesi, 2021).

Her Twitter feed #designinpigiama, launched in 2020 right in the middle of lockdown, notched up millions of visits. Her film for the presentation of the podcast La Mia Olivetti won the La Stampa Archivissima award. Her five-episode podcast Certe Cose for Il Post came out in 2022, devoted to the stories of objects found in the lists of Italian events over the last fifty years.

Events with Chiara Alessi