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Palace Gate, London, ph. Michael Sinclair

The interior designer Tala Fustok’s projects are powerful, emotive and highly sartorial. Warm and inviting high-end workspaces, residences and luxury hotels in which lights, colours and textures are the true protagonists.

Name: Tala Fustok Studio

Where do you work? London, The People’s Hall, a historic building

Your Instagram account: @talafustokstudio

Describe what your studio does: I am the founder of London based interior design firm, Tala Fustok Studio. We are an all-women team working on both residential and commercial projects, forging unique atmospheres based on our clients’ personalities.

Where did you study? The Architectural Association in London.

What are you working on right now? We are currently working on several residential projects in both Paris and London including a narrowboat – very exciting! During the pandemic we worked with the game developer Ninja Theory.

Your dream project? Projects harnessing that look to thrill and have a raw energy, would be the dream. Perhaps a design for a luxurious yet practical interior for a train that would transport guests seamlessly from one city to the next.


Tala Fustok, ph. Nicholas Heron

The project that’s influenced you the most: Tony Duquette’s house at Dawnridge.

A crucial detail in all your projects: all of our projects are different, and that is what makes our studio so unique. However, I do always love to add an element of mystery and excitement, to create spaces that enable us to live our lives more fully. In a recent project it was a secret passageway!

City centre or far-flung places? Both.

Something you have at home designed by you? My own home. I am looking to redesign it in the new year, and I have decided to kick off with a chaise longue.

What gifts do you like giving? I always try to gift something out of the ordinary.

If you could build a secret passage in your house, where would it lead? I would adore a secret passageway to either a tropical beach or an indulgent dressing room.


The Mandrake, London, ph. Tim Beddow

What do you usually do on Sundays? A typical Sunday for me is a stroll in the park, a good read while drinking a cup of tea or visiting a local exhibition.

Your favourite place in Milan: set in the centre of Milan, it has to be Villa Necchi. I love the effortless mix of glamour and elegance.

Ana and Chris from Masquespacio would like to ask you if you think creatives reach a point where they are satisfied with what they have achieved or do you think they will go on seeking new challenges? Being a creative person, I am always looking for a new challenge, I don't think that will ever change. With our projects we are always looking to push the boundaries of design to make our clients feel good in the space we have designed with them. That's the beauty of what we do, we always want a new challenge to flex our skills and create projects that are unique and evoke powerful human emotion.

Would you like to ask the next interviewee a question? What inspires your design decisions?


The Mandrake, London, ph. Tim Beddow


Ninja Theory, Cambridge, ph. Gilbert McCarragher


Ninja Theory, Cambridge, ph. Gilbert McCarragher


Bleecker Street, New York, ph. Isabel Parra


Bleecker Street, New York, ph. Isabel Parra


Avenue Foch, Paris, ph. Nicholas Heron


Avenue Foch, Paris, ph. Nicholas Heron


Palace Gate, London, ph. Michael Sinclair


Palace Gate, London, ph. Michael Sinclair


Palace Gate, London, ph. Michael Sinclair


Laylow, London, photo courtesy

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