US Workplace research on Harvard Business Review brings 2022 trends in business management


How is the greatest workplace disruption in generation seen in the United States? Harvard Business Review tries to answer this question through a Gartner HR practice analysis. Despite the expectations that in the 2022 the workplace will be returning to its “old” normality the changes are here to stay. Gartner research show how some companies are more inclined to shorten the work week rather than increase paycheck, the employee turnover will continue to rise, and hybrid and remote work will become the norm for knowledge workers. With some managerial tasks automated away more space for managers to build stronger human relationships with their co-workers is created and a great importance is being given to the wellbeing of the employees as in “sitting is the new smoking”. “In 2022, leaders will need to learn how to thrive in a period of disruption that plays out unevenly across their organizations […] Fairness and equity will be the defining issues for organizations. Debates that have fairness at the core, whether it’s around race, climate change, or Covid vaccine distribution, have become flashpoints in society. According to our analysis of S&P 500 earnings calls, the frequency with which CEOs talk about issues of equity, fairness and inclusion on these calls has increased by 658% since 2018.” (continue reading online)

Magazine: Harvard Business Review
Country: United States of America
Article: 11 Trends that Will Shape Work in 2022 and Beyond
Author: Brian Kropp and Emily Rose McRae
Photo: Courtesy Poliform

22 March 2022