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Outdoor lounges and living areas flow into terraces and gardens: Archiproducts tells that lluid architecture is the new trend 


The international website Archiproducts, which collects the best of furniture products, tells that “today the concept of interior and exterior is almost obsolete, with the boundary between the two increasingly blurred. Walls often have generous glazing. Living areas merge with terraces, allowing the landscape to enter our homes. The world of outdoor furniture is adapting to this trend. A growing number of brands propose outdoor lines without relinquishing the style and comfort of their interior furnishing collections - from coffee tables to carpets, furniture and accessories of all kinds. 
This evolution has become possible by the development of increasingly technical and high-performing materials that don’t sacrifice aesthetics, allowing users to experience the outdoors with all the comforts of home living.” (full article)


Magazine: Archiproducts 
Country: Italy 
Article: Outdoor space: an open-air room 
Author: Rossana Vinci 
Photo: Meraviglia Slow Living, Preveza, ph. Angelica Larssona

23 May 2022