MENASA, the new Arab platform devoted to craftsmanship is the subject of an article in identity magazine


What can design and craft reveal about the essence of a place and its people? How can it connect and find shared values with others? Expo 2020 Dubai’s Design and Crafts Programme has launched MENASA – Emirati Design Platform to offer a glimpse of what these answers could look like. Showcasing more than 40 local and international designers who have created exclusive curated design collections, MENASA tells the stories of the UAE through the lens of its crafts and artisans”... (continue reading)

Magazine: identity
Nazione: Emirati Arabi Uniti
Articolo: “MENASA - Emirati Design Platform at Expo 2020 brings together local and international designers to focus on local craft”
Autore: Aidan Imanova
Foto: courtesy Identity magazine

20 January 2022