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Salone clippings: 90+10, digital magazine based in Argentina “tells stories of creative people and original ideas, with an interdisciplinary look at creative culture, focusing on the manifestations of design in all its variants, and the way they cross the contemporary lifestyle” reports on The Graduation Show, a “supersalone” event.

As soon as the news came out that Salone del Mobile.Milano will restart with the unique “supersalone” event, followed by the launch of a new digital platform, the media around the world responded enthusiastically and full of expectations.  The post on “The Lost Graduation Show”, event curated by Aniina Koivu, is part of the collection of articles from the foreign press that we wish to share with you.




Text and photo: Salone del Mobile.Milano

Magazine: 90+10

Publisher: 90+10 S.R.L 

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23 August 2021