The furnishing supply chain crisis brings the production back to North America: savings begin at home


Business of Home reports on the experiences of furnishing companies in America which are returning to more “domestic” manufacturing after many years of putting their production out to tender in distant countries, saving time, financial resources and bureaucracy and creating new jobs. “A few years ago, the idea of a company moving its manufacturing operations to North America to save money would have been unthinkable. But as we enter the third year of the pandemic, it’s happening. Across the home category, brands […] are all doubling down on North American manufacturing in a bid to circumvent the global supply chain crisis. ‘The time that shipping containers are sitting at American ports is insane, and once the goods make it off the ship, the cost of freight is through the roof,’ says Alexander Purcell, the founder of Atelier Purcell, which has traditionally split its production between the U.S., Vietnam and Europe." (read the full article online)

Magazine: Business of Home
Country: United States of America
Article: “Why more home brands are banking on domestic manufacturing”
Author: Haley Chouinard

1 March 2022