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Completely rethinking a material, a research project reviewed by Stylepark

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The German magazine Stylepark reviews the research carried out by Snøhetta, Studio Plastique and ceramic tile manufacturer Fornace Brioni with a view to revolutionising the way we look at the components of electrical appliances: “quartz sand is one of the few types of sand that the world still has no shortage of: its grains are too fine, round and smooth to be used to make concrete. On the other hand, it is well suited for the production of glass, which is then elaborately coated and coloured and used in electrical appliances such as microwaves and ovens. Unfortunately, at the end of its life, glass is usually consigned to the landfill. […] After three years of research, by combining the disciplines of architecture, design and craftsmanship for a common goal, they have now succeeded in creating new glass tiles in two sizes” (read here the complete article)


Magazine: Stylepark
Country: Germany
Article: “From Scrap to Tile”
Author: Anna Moldenhauer
Photo: credit Eline Willaert, courtesy Studio Plastique

1 February 2022