Floating University in Berlin

A brilliant interview with Markus Bader - one of the founders of raumlaborberlin - on the pages of nomad tells how for the German collective “proactive design enables to invent new methods for upgrading what already exists"

Nomad Cover 12

Anticipating the issue 12 of the German magazine nomad, Sarah Dorkenwald takes stock of the practice of raumlaborberlin, a studio that has been operating for 23 years with a unique method in the landscape of design and architecture: “raumlaborberlin could be described as the veteran element of a collective that has been engaging with urban and public space in debate, experiment and participation since 1999. The core team, comprising around two handfuls of qualified architects, began to rethink the possibilities offered by architecture at the interfaces to urban planning, performance art, design and spatial intervention." - read here the full article.


Magazine: nomad 
Country: Germany 
Issue: 12 
Article: Markus Bader 
Author: Sarah Dorkenwald 
Photo: The Floating University, Berlino 2018, ph. Victoria Tomaschko 

28 September 2022