10 innovative African cities: a report shows which are the top ones


“According to Knight Frank report – explains in its focus the digital magazine Business Insider Africa - African countries will emerge resilient from the Covid-19 pandemic if only they are innovative and provide long term social solutions to their residents, attracting funding and generating new demand for space. The research looked through over 100 data points applied to 29 capital cities from a long list of over 500 cities in Africa to arrive at a unique innovation score. The innovation score comprises four components: quality of innovation factors; innovation infrastructure, such as the number of different research organisations in a city; funding; drive to innovate, which looks at data around motivation to innovate. These are the 10 most innovative cities in Africa...” (full article)

Magazine: Business Insider Africa
Article: “These are the 10 most innovative cities in Africa, according to Knight Frank report”
Author: Victor Oluwole

31 March 2022