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Vacation house on the coast

What changes has the global pandemic wrought on holiday homes? AD USA spoke to five different interior designers who focus on spaces, materials, lighting and how to make the most of these particular places 

Cover of the July-August issue of Architectural Digest

“Vacation homes took on new meaning during the pandemic. For some people, ‘weekend’ houses became primary residences; others, previously thinking they had bid the big city farewell for good, realized that maybe they weren’t quite ready for the slow pace of small-town life year-round. For the latter set, the country home planned as a primary residence was eventually designated as a vacation retreat. With those changing dynamics has also come a shift in design priorities for vacation homes. We chatted to five design pros about what they’re seeing in their most recent vacation home projects." - full article.


Magazine: AD – Architectural Digest 
Country: USA 
Date: July 4th 2022 
Article: The Design Trends Shaping Vacation Homes Postpandemic 
Author: Mikki Brammer 

5 August 2022