À Vivre
Lampada Ruspa

The special dedicated to light by the magazine à vivre is a selection of seventeen lamps with a bold design: authorial presences in domestic interiors and sophisticated technological appliances

A Vivre cover

“A fundamental element of comfort in interiors, the light sculpts spaces and shapes atmospheres; that's why we talk about light design. But due to their shape, their functionality and their style, the luminaires are themselves iconic objects that participate directly in the development of spaces. The proof, with this selection with a strong design” - explore the à vivre website here.


Magazine: à vivre 
Country: Fance 
Issue: October / November / December 2022  
Article: Light on all floors 
Author: Pierre Lesieur 
Photo: Ruspa lamp by Martinelli Luce, design by Gae Aulenti 

28 December 2022