3d printed walls

Researchers at the University of Virginia (UVA) developed a method for 3D printing the structures of buildings with bio-based material, incorporating circularity into the process. ArchDaily tells it with an in-depth analysis


“[...] We use green roofs, vertical gardens and flower boxes to bring cities closer to nature and improve people's wellbeing; but we also construct buildings with materials that are completely dissociated from fauna and flora. Although the advancement of biomaterials and new technologies is gradually changing this, we should nevertheless ask ourselves whether the structures and buildings we occupy need to be separated from the nature that surrounds them...” - read here the full article.


Magazine: ArchDaily 
Country: Chile 
Date: 22nd September 2022  
Article: Nature and Technology: Walls That Can Grow Plants 
Author: Eduardo Souza 
Photo: project by University of Virginia (UVA), courtesy E. Baharlou 

5 October 2022