Physical and digital habits lay the foundations for future design: Australia’s Indesign report


Shops, hotels and hospitality and catering venues are looking increasing to a change of direction, from which they are aware there can be no return, a new way of harnessing the interaction between real and digital, as narrated by Indesign Magazine, with an eye to the Australian market: “the 2018 report, Inside Australian Online Shopping, eCommerce update, from Tourism Accommodation Australia noted that enhanced video, photos and information were already integral parts of a hotel website, and that ‘many of the new boutique hotels and brands are using gamification techniques to suit Millennials and other generations who have been brought up in an online gaming world, with enhanced graphics, video content, functionality, guest interaction, and up to date reviews”.(read here the full article)

Magazine: Indesign magazine
Country: Australia
Article: “How consumer habits are influencing the blend of physical and digital in design”
Author: Juliet Helmke
Photo: courtesy Indesign

15 February 2022