Coloured room at SaloneSatellite 2022

The phenomenon of abundance, the will to engage on an increasingly manual front, and industrial products made and finished: the magazine Interni tells how at SaloneSatellite 2022 young designers have shown that times are changing

Interni November cover

“It is a blessing to be young and to be a designer in 2022, despite everything. And the SaloneSatellite has just proved it. Because those who start designing now involuntarily experience an epochal transition, accelerated by the urge to imagine a viable future. Ingenuity is sacrificed in the face of pragmatic commitment. And the meaning of the word beauty is changeable, open to the unusual forms of reuse and the simplification of structures. There is an explanation for the "product ready for industry" phenomenon that seems to have dominated the SaloneSatellite. And it's the widespread sense of urgency that Millennials nurture nonchalantly. Because there is no second chance to indulge in trial and error. Instead, there are many possibilities of failure, but the new generation of designers seems to be able to tackle them without worries" - read here the full article.


Magazine: Interni 
Country: Italy 
Date: 26th October 2022 
Article: Times are changing and SaloneSatellite has clearly shown it. New aesthetics, new research themes, a new world on the horizon. The future is here 
Author: Elisa Massoni 
Photo: Room: Multiply by Daniel Nikolovski, SaloneSatellite 2022, ph. Luca Quagliato 

11 November 2022