36e8 Marble XGlass Lago

New kitchen trends? Livingetc has tracked them all down in a list that leaves no doubt: materials and colours are the rule-setters


Livingetc magazine has put together a bullet pointed list of twenty-seven trends in kitchen design that comprehensively summarizes everything changing in the industry today – and what direction the trends are likely to go. “Kitchen trends have evolved in 2022 and are more exciting than ever. The last two years have seen kitchens easily becoming the most hardworking room in the home – from its purely functional use of  space for cooking to a spot to relax with family, oversee the kids’ homework and work from home. So the new kitchen trends emerging are thoughtful, considered and certainly not passing fads. Instead they are designed to create more soothing and comfortable spaces that will stand the test of time, thanks to a renewed focus on natural materials, colors inspired by the outdoors like a sage green and quiet design details that enhance your time in the space.” (full article)


Magazine: Livingtetc 
Article: “The biggest kitchen trends for 2022 – 27 fresh ideas for a stylish kitchen remodel” 
Author: Busola Evans with contributions by Amy Moorea Wong 
Photo: 36e8 Marble XGlass kitchen by Lago

3 May 2022