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Tools for Equilty

Metropolis magazine dedicates a section of its website to delve into the tools that can help to design with justice, equity, diversity and inclusion in mind

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“A fundamental purpose of architecture and design practice is to shape space for human beings to live, work, play, heal, socialize, and carry out all the activities that are necessary for us to survive and thrive. However, these provisions have not been distributed equally or fairly, with those able to pay for design services shaping the built environment to their purpose, sometimes at the cost of the people that clients are able to, willing to, or happen to ignore” - read the full article and check out here the Tools for Equity’s section on Metropolis website.


Magazine: Metropolis 
Country: USA 
Date: 13th December 2022  
Article: Design for Equity Primer: 20+ Resources to Help You Design Inclusively and Fairly 
Photo: via Metropolis, illustration by Klawe Rzeczy 

8 February 2023