coloured timber buildings

The magazine Form selects some outstanding architectural projects that show the way to a more sustainable future, using wood in buildings with a strongly contemporary and fresh aesthetic

Form issue 5 | 2022

“For thousands of years, people have built their homes with materials from nature – here in the forested Nordic region (Sweden, ndr), that material has of course primarily been wood. […] The 20th century saw a drastic decrease in the use of wood for architecture. At the beginning of the century, derelict old wooden houses were replaced by stone cities in Stockholm and around the country. As the welfare state grew around the mid part of the century, focus turned to rational, industrial construction in concrete, steel and glass – although wood construction was still mainly used for single-family homes and summer houses. […] After this hiatus during the 20th century, the forest still stands, like a growing resource for a more sustainable future. However, we must use it wisely” - explore here the current issue of Form.


Magazine: Form 
Country: Sweden 
Issue: 5 | 2022  
Article: Trending Trees 
Author: Bo Madestrand 

30 November 2022