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How will living spaces change to follow those of society, between work, the economy, the environment and new technologies? Architectural Digest explains it by reading the 2023 trend report from the American Society of Interior Designers

AD february 23

“Each year, the industry counts on the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) for its threefold research reporting: the Trends Outlook, the Economic Outlook, and the State of Interior Design. This week, following a survey of contemporary lifestyles, new technologies, and other societal shifts influencing the design practice, the ASID 2023 Trends Outlook report has been released” - read here the full article.


Magazine: Architectural Digest 
Country: USA 
Date: 8th February 2023 
Article: The 6 big ideas interior designers need to know in 2023, according to ASID 
Author: Tim Nelson

10 February 2023