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"Anywhere is better than where we are." This might be a simple saying, but it is also an excuse for German magazine IDEAT to take it readers on a journey of imagination. The summer, beach life, the sun and breath-taking locations become the driver for culture and design.

I no longer know whether it was the Bremen Town Musicians, the mischievous wise-cracker Till Eulen-spiegel, the enterprising Gulliver or another of these great philosophers who summed up a profound insight: "Anywhere is better than where we are". In any case, it sounds at the moment, and not only to my ears, as if this wisdom is very close to the truth. I don't want to complain. I'm doing well in Hamburg, I have nice colleagues in the office whom I even see from time to time, an understanding and inspiring publisher. Nevertheless. I want to go somewhere else. At least once in a while. Even if it's only for professional reasons. No matter. This "disease of painful longing", as Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm's German dictionary defines "longing", is more violent the more it is denied. So this, too, has obviously been around for some time. What to do? Travelling is risky to the point of lacking solidarity, the obligatory subsequent quarantine doubles, with bad luck, the holiday days to be taken up... This small list alone is enough to make you want to crawl into bed rather than search for accommodation for strangers on relevant websites. So what to do? The IDEAT team has decided: We dream! More precisely: We want to encourage you, dear readers, to dream. We bring you the summer, the beach life, the dolce vita in the sun, the magic of breath-taking locations, the beach and the sea as a fascinating stage of culture and design, people who have chosen exactly this as the centre of their lives, in fantastic pictures. So with IDEAT you wouldn't have to be anywhere else at all. But I know how it is with longing. Even if the great philosopher Immanuel Kant dismissed it only as an "empty wish" to be able to "destroy the time between the desire and acquisition of the desired". But he never wanted to leave his hometown of Königsberg. Kant did not know IDEAT either. 

Editorial by Jan van Rossem, editor-in-chief at IDEAT Germany 




Video: Michele Foti 

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10 August 2021