ph Salva Lopez

Design with fabrics: the solutions selected by Archiproducts from among the endless possibilities


“Not just cushions, carpets or upholstery” says the article by Cecilia Di Marzo, published on the Italian website Archiproducts, which collects the best of furniture products. “Fabrics have always had a fundamental role to play in interior projects. Curtains, cushions, carpets and upholstery fabric have always complemented and completed any design. Before choosing a fabric (natural or artificial fibres), weave and colour (cool or warm), that will help put one’s stamp on a room, it is crucial to identify how the textile will be used. The most common use is purely decorative, like cushions and carpets. But that's not all. Today, fabric is an architectural element that has become an integral part of design, transcending the purely decorative.” (full article)


Magazine: Archiproducts 
Country: Italy 
Article: Designing with fabrics 
Author: Cecilia Di Marzo 
Photo: Six N. Five Studio renovation, Isern Serra Studio, ph. Salva Lopez

16 May 2022