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Costume sofa by Magis

Design can contribute to circular economy systems to redesign processes, services and materials. Haus – Gazeta do Povo summarizes these principles in 6 points


“Climate change and socio-economic inequalities confirm that our economic system and our throwaway culture are not sustainable for the environment, for people and even for business. How can we transform them into a new system where we eradicate waste, regenerate nature and keep resources in use?” - read the full article here.


Magazine:  Haus | Pinò | Gazeta do Povo
Country: Brazil 
Date: 23rd January 2023   
Article: 6 circular design strategies to design more sustainable furniture 
Author: Ana Luiza Magalhães e Marlon Chiumento 
Photo: Costume sofa by Magis

2 February 2023