il bagno oggi e domani
Sauna Sky di Effe

The Bathroom Furnishing Observatory 2022 discusses the innovations within the industry and the News with a capital "N"

il bagno oggi e domani 330

In its April issue, Italy’s specialist magazine Il Bagno Oggi e Domani has published the Bathroom Furnishing Observatory 2022, a focus on habits and design with a broad overview of products, brands and designers, and asks: "is it the project that conditions our habits or, vice versa, are our behaviours conditioning innovation within the industry? This is the starting point for identifying the forces that drive change, that common thread that binds designers, production companies, stores and end customers together and carries them towards the New. " (check out issue 330 of The bathroom today and tomorrow here)


Magazine: il Bagno oggi e domani
Country: Italy 
Article: Bathroom Furnishing Observatory 2022 
Author: Cristina Mandrini and Emilia Trevisani 
Photo: Sky sauna by Effe

26 April 2022