Take another look at the “supersalone” Open Talks

Photo by Diego Ravier

Photo by Diego Ravier

The packed, inclusive and polyphonic palimpsest of Open Talks curated by Maria Cristina Didero for “supersalone” featured voices and ideas from many different countries and spheres. A fantastic opportunity to share different experiences and points of view and to tackle the many crucial issues of our age together.  

Click on this link to take another look at all the encounters that brought the fairground arenas alive: https://www.salonemilano.it/en/events/open-talks 

Open Talks: On Design  

Where the art of contemporary creativity and design are at; and a tribute to the Master Enzo Mari, starting with the recent exhibition “Enzo Mari curated by Hans Ulrich Obrist” at the Triennale di Milano.  

Marva Griffin - Founder and Curator SaloneSatellite 
Hans Ulrich Obrist - Art curator, critic, and historian of art Artistic director at the Serpentine Galleries, London  
Stefano Boeri – Architect and “supersalone” curator  


Open Talks: On Food  

A conversation between the ideator of Identità Golose and three great Italian chefs on food as an experience, design and life. 

Cristina Bowerman - Chef at Glass Hostaria, Roma Matias Perdomo Chef at Contraste, Milano 
Renato Bosco - Pizza Chef at Saporé, San Martino Buon Albergo (VR)  
Paolo Marchi - Moderator. Journalist and Founder of Identità Golose 


Open Talks: On Sustainability  

We have ten years or so in which to cut CO2 emissions by 55% compared with 1990; this is an essential target if we are to get to the end of the century without raising the temperature more than 1.5 degrees. This is perhaps the greatest challenge we could possibly face as a planet.”  
A meeting with the Minister for Ecological Transition on how the world of design, fairs and large-scale events can move towards ecological transition and make real difference in terms of sustainability. 

Roberto Cingolani - Italian Minister for the Ecological Transition 
Maria Porro - President of Salone del Mobile.Milano 
Stefano Boeri - Architect and “supersalone” curator 
Claudio Feltrin - President FederlegnoArredo  
Dario Donato - Moderator. Journalist  


Open Talks: Who can say no to education?  

We have different approaches to education, which is one of the most precious assets we have. The guests invited share a long time experience in the field as they have taught in the most prestigious schools all over the word. We have asked them to talk about their own way of passing their knowledge to students. Koivu, who curated The Lost Graduation Show, moderates the conversation.  

Beatriz Colomina - Professor of History of Architecture and Founding Director of the Media and Modernity Program at Princeton University 
Aric Chen - General and Artistic Director of Het Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam 
Anthony Dunne - Professor of Design and Social Inquiry and Co-Director of the Designed Realities Studio at Parsons/The New School, New York  
Anniina Koivu - Moderator. Head of Master Theory at ECAL/ University of Art and Design Lausanne. Co-curator of “supersalone 


Open Talks: Interview Humberto Campana 

A narrator of design, as well as a journalist, critic and exhibition curator, Cristina Morozzi talks to the Brazilian designer, a long-standing friend, about the constant quest for new directions for design. It’s a meeting between people who have shared a lengthy professional and private relationship, a great many topics, from travels to exhibitions, as well as a commitment to the Istituto Campana. 

Humberto Campana – Designer in conversation with 
Cristina Morozzi - Journalist, critic and art director 


Open Talks: On Gio Ponti  

Paolo Rosselli and Salvatore Licitra take the four-handed book for Quodlibet Gio Ponti and Milano. A Guide to the Works, 1920-1970, as their starting point, remembering and discussing the Master from two different angles, in a dialogue led by the curator of the publisher’s architecture series.   

Salvatore Licitra - Curator, Gio Ponti Archives  
Paolo Rosselli - Photographer  
Manuel Orazi - Moderator. Professor at Academy of Architecture, Università della Svizzera italiana 


Open Talks: Women Within Institutions 

With issues of diversity and equity under scrutiny now more than ever, Tony Chambers will lead a lively discussion investigating why many of our major international design museums and cultural institutions have for too long been deprived of a female point of view. Tulga Beyerle, Director of Hamburg Museum of Applied Arts, Alexandra Cunningham Cameron, Curator of Contemporary Design and Lilli Hollein, Director of MAK Wien will discuss their roles, responsabilities and goals to remedy this shameful historical imbalance. 

Tulga Beyerle – Director of Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg (MKG)  
Lilli Hollein – Director of MAK Wien  
Alexandra Cunningham Cameron - Curator 
Tony Chambers - Moderator. Creative Director, Design Consultant and Editor 


Open talks: Lezione con Davide Oldani e Paolo Marchi 

A presentation by the great chef, the inventor of pop cuisine, introduced by the founder of Identità Golose, the first Italian congress on signature cuisine and pastry-making. 

Davide Oldani - Chef  
Paolo Marchi – Journalist and founder of Identità Golose 


Open Talks: Interview Michele De Lucchi 

Michele De Lucchi, architect and designer, discusses his experiences and the new design challenges, in an interview with Marco Sammicheli. Both prominent design figures in Milan, two generations have their say on the maximum systems – and latest thinking in architecture. 

Michele De Lucchi – Architect and designer in conversation with  
Marco Sammicheli - Direttore del Museo del Design Italiano, Triennale di Milano 


Open Talks: On Water 

Water as a multisensory experience: from Giorgetto Giugiaro’s glass bottle to the latest 100% recycled and recyclable plastic version. 

Antonio Biella - General Manager, Acqua S.Bernardo con  
Edoardo Ceriani – Journalist 


Open Talks: Foundations between design and charity  

By fostering partnerships and creative talent to accelerate sustainable solutions to all the world's biggest challenges, this talk looks at how the creative industries can be a key to achieving this and offers inspiration for all. Cyrill Gutsch, Cherine Magrabi Tayeb and Nadja Swarovski in conversation with design curator and writer Libby Sellers, will seek to redefine how design-based philanthropy, charitable foundations and focussed collaborations are responding to the needs of our time. 

Nadja Swarovski - Chair of the Swarovski Foundation and Waterschool 
Cyrill Gutsch - Designer and brand/product developer. Founder and CEO, Parley for the Oceans  
Cherine Magrabi Tayeb - Director of House of Today Foundation, Lebanon 
Libby Sellers - Moderator. Design historian, independent curator and writer 


Open Talks: Lecture Alejandro Aravena  

A lecture given by the winner of the Silver Lion at the 2008 Venice Architecture Bienniale and the 2016 Pritzker Prize.  

Alejandro Aravena – Architect 


Open Talks: Interview Massimiliano Gioni 

A conversation on the state of the contemporary art. Ilaria Bonacossa interviews Massimiliano Gioni, one of the most relevant profiles on the field, on his peculiar and unique way to tell us his vision of the world via his exhibitions. 

Massimiliano Gioni - Italian curator and contemporary art critic in conversation with  
Ilaria Bonacossa - Director of Artissima Fiera d’Arte Contemporanea di Torino 


Open Talks: On Wine  

The tradition of wine production meets sustainability, architecture, art and design. Maurizio Zanella talks about Ca’ del Bosco.  

Maurizio Zanella – Founder and Chairman of Ca’ del Bosco with 
Michela Proietti – Journalist 


Open Talks: Ancient and contemporary Albania  

A conversation on the role of design and local craftsmanship in the social, economic and cultural regeneration of the territory, in Albania and Tiran.  

Jean Blanchaert – Gallerist, curator and art critic 
Adelina Greca – General Director of the National Territorial Planning Agency  
Joni Baboci – Architect and urban planner  
Armand Vokshi - Dean of the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning, Politecnico di Tirana and President of the Albanian Association of Architects 
Frida Pashako - Moderator. General Director of Urban Planning at the Municipality of Tirana 


Open Talks: Today’s Radicals  

Being Radical is an attitude towards the project and the design process. Through a transdisciplinary method and an active engagement, it looks for new behaviours and awareness in the industry and in the community, as the designers involved are expressing in their contemporary projects. Formafantasma and Philippe Malouin designers who share a solid and precise position among the contemporary design scene, question the "Today’s Radicals" topic, through their most significant designs, products and exhibitions. 

Philippe Malouin - Designer  
Formafantasma - Designer  
Francesca Molteni - Moderator. Curator and movie director 


Open Talks: Lecture, Bjarke Ingels  

A multifaceted presentation of the founder of the multi-award winning studio BIG. Covering landscape design, engineering, architecture and product design. 

Bjarke Ingels – Architect 


Open Talks: On material strategies  

Lukas Wegwerth co-curator of "supersalone" with "supersalone" curatorial team Live from the Embassy of Italy in Berlin  

“Supersalone” as told by one of the co-curators through the design choices for the installation, geared to sustainability, reuse and the optimisation of construction materials. With greetings and an institutional introduction by Italy’s Ambassador to Germany, Armando Varricchio, and Stefano Boeri. 


Open Talks: Architecture is not art  

A conversation between Carsten Holler and Stefano Boeri, moderated by Cecilia Alemani, discussing the fluid lines between art and architecture. What happens when these two disciplines cross-contaminate? How often do contemporary artists harness architectural tools, sometimes playfully infiltrating a field that is not their own? What are the dynamics between these two spheres? This discussion starts with the work of the artists involved and explores the affinities and differences between the two disciplines. 

Carsten Höller – Artist 
Stefano Boeri – Architect and “supersalone” curator 
Cecilia Alemani - Moderator. Curator and Director & Chief Curator of High Line Art, New York. Artistic Director of the upcoming 59th International Art Exhibition (2022) 



11 September 2021